Saturday, September 10, 2005

these past two weeks have been such a blur:

I FINALLY finished the dreaded summer end Lab report. It's the most beautifully horrific dreaded thing I've ever had to do. I pray to god that my professor does not find any split infinitives or calls me into his office to give me his "you are so stupid look"-yes he has a "look", all the grad students even talk about it.
Rushing has been fun with Phi Delts, they are pretty cool guys :). My favorite event would have to be Flambe...when all the alcohol didn' t burn off.. heeheewooo jk!

I'm taking-
5.13 Organic Chemistry 2 :)
5.60 Thermo
7.03 Genetics
9.01 Intro to Neuroscience :)
21.F157 Chinese 1 (sl) :)

---> :)s denote happy classes which I currently enjoy. That will most likely change when I actually look at the homework which I have conveniently hidden away.

Life is great and 3w is better than ever. And I LOVE MIT. for the most part ;).

lots of stealthy things happening this weekenddd....wahahaa more on that after sunday.


Kaaaaaaaa said...

orgo and thermo....yum!!!

don't have too much fun at mit hottie

- the other hottie

Anonymous said...

Jessica loves rum soaked bananas.