Friday, September 16, 2005

Kung Fu Hustle at LSC then Save TFP at the coffeehouse

some awesome pictures recapping the start of september.

9.10 boys' dress up competition

the peter and the hat

mr. jon sue ho

9.02-9.05 my cousin (from TW) visiting. :)

9.02 3W wing dinner at Island hopper- cheers to a new year!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

overwhelmed, already tired, and wheeeee MIT has officially begun!

and I was just recently thinking about adding another class...he he.....

EMS meeting, RAA meeting..and that brings me to about 11 o'clock. This is going to be a looonnggg nightttt of delirious funn yayyyyayyaaya.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

these past two weeks have been such a blur:

I FINALLY finished the dreaded summer end Lab report. It's the most beautifully horrific dreaded thing I've ever had to do. I pray to god that my professor does not find any split infinitives or calls me into his office to give me his "you are so stupid look"-yes he has a "look", all the grad students even talk about it.
Rushing has been fun with Phi Delts, they are pretty cool guys :). My favorite event would have to be Flambe...when all the alcohol didn' t burn off.. heeheewooo jk!

I'm taking-
5.13 Organic Chemistry 2 :)
5.60 Thermo
7.03 Genetics
9.01 Intro to Neuroscience :)
21.F157 Chinese 1 (sl) :)

---> :)s denote happy classes which I currently enjoy. That will most likely change when I actually look at the homework which I have conveniently hidden away.

Life is great and 3w is better than ever. And I LOVE MIT. for the most part ;).

lots of stealthy things happening this weekenddd....wahahaa more on that after sunday.

Monday, September 05, 2005


Freshman year will forever be crew year- and a few days ago I wrote to my team telling them I wouldn't return in the fall due to academic reasons. They were like sisters to me and it was heartbreaking to leave that huge piece of MIT behind. Crew has no seasons, so I essentially spent more time with my team than We laughed at our coach's bad Zoolander jokes, cried together after a hard race, and erged together-that action alone binds you.

So this blog is devoted to them- Freshman Lightweights/Varsity too, and in particular my boat: