Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The wisdom teeth removal went altogether really well and I'm recovering from the after effects of the lovely drugs. I even ate potatoe chips today (yum, but ow).
Things are picking up and getting laid back all at once and its making my laziness/motivation drive go amok. Lab is toning down, other than the fact that I have very few results and I'll have to hand in my summer report soon. I had my last tutoring session with MIT ACCESS for the summer, and it was good to laugh, eat thai food :), and feel wise by giving all our students parting college advice. In terms of things picking up, lots of freshman have moved in and as much as I thought I would hate change...I'm growing to like having a noisy lounge nearby and people saying hi as that pass. To all- come visit long and often!

And Ellis arrived today which made things fun! We (Ellis, Aline, and I) played a prank on Peter, and I thought it was brilliant (though I giggled through a good bit of it). It involved a "fallen" airconditioner.... and I will say more on that later. MUA HAHAHHAA, I LOVE BEING EVIL.

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