Sunday, August 14, 2005

what a weekend!

It began with Bashi's surprise birthday party on Friday night. Nadia and Aparna had labored for weeks to make sure it went on without a hitch..but you know how surprises go. lol. So, Nadia and I asked Bashi to come check out the plot of land on the Esplanade we had all cleaned up during CityDays (oreintation freshman year) as a premise for making sure he didn't do anything that night. We convinced him that without his amazing eagle scout skills we definetly couldn't find the plot of land. hee hee. We walk there and it was very's amazing to think I've known both of them so long and it all began there pretty much! After we view the river bank, I'm like "what's that noise? we should check it out", that noise being Sponge Bob Square Pants playing at the Hatchshell's Friday Night Flicks *cringe*. Little known to naive, silly Bashi, the whole gang from Next had staked out a prime spot and laid out a picnic for him. He was surprised and it was good and sponge bob is not a bad film. :) and I got Bashi the best book ever, you all should read it, it's about bunny suicides. (I will post pictures from all this soon)

And then from 1-3 a.m. Nadia and I began packing for the Next House move. It was a great time, as in who couldn't have fun in like 90 degree night time lifting objects the weight of small people. I could have never believed my life fit in so few boxes. Altho very big, heavy boxes mind you! Note: NEVER EVER BUY DUCTTAPE FROM LA VERDE'S.

And then Saturday afternoon I realized I have the most amazing friends ever. Thank you to Bashi, Hayman, Nadia, and Amrita for all showing up and moving my stuff/ wrenching things out of my hands so they could carry them (SILLY boys). It was done in about 3 trips and they even raced part of the way (with my fridge, eek!). Unfortunatey it was like the hottest day of the year, but it's overrrr and my new address is:
Bike Lounge, 3W
hahahaaa. the housing situation is very sketchy right now.

peter's coming back on thursday ah!

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