Wednesday, August 10, 2005

So It stinks when your nose gets itchy and you've just stuck your hands in the wetbox for a 15 minute experiment. Very irritating. But very amusing if you're watching me. Overall it was a very, very vexxing day at lab. Kinda like running in to a brick wall over and over again. Painful and monotonous. hahaha I do love my lab but not when the chemicals aren't cooperating.

So last night Amrita came and slept over me and Nadia's room. Nadia wanted to check out this bubble tea place across the river for orientation sponsoring, so we took saferide. I love those drinks and they had such a cute slogan, "tea with balls". We walked back across the bridge as a tough group of three girls and glared at any sketchy looking men. Then we met some of Amrita's EC friends. Covered with amazing works of art and filled with quirky furniture, EC really appealed to me (guess what color I'd paint my room ;)). A bathroom we walked into was completely filled with blacklight and flourescent paint, the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. Nadia and I acted like little kids at Disney World. But for now, we're still devoted to Next and EC is just a fun place to visit.
And then...we had pillowfights in our underwear.

JK JK JK, hahahaaa. We talked about boys *giggle* hahaaaaa.

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