Thursday, August 25, 2005

Lab is the source of my greatest "angst" (as my supervisor would say). Imagine a 4 hour experiment...going wrong 15 times. Yeah, it's enough to drive me crazy and I'm writing this waiting on trial 16. Why may you ask? Because I'm being childish and saying to no one in particular "I"M NOT LEAVING LAB UNTIL I GET 3 GOOD RUNS". I say that in a kind of voice you do to annoy people and to get attention and food. I was very good at it when I was younger. However, when I realize that I'm a 19 yr old whiner and screwing myself over with my goal, it's sad. Note: it is 9 pm.
In my spare time during the experiment I have befriended the vending machines downstairs, and in particular the ice cream one (dun dun dun). I have tried a great variety of them but my favorites are the big dipper and the all fruit popsicle :). As a classic MA girl, I like everything cold. If you're in lab around Building 18 call me and we can have a popsicle break together (so I can check off "gain 20 lbs" from my summer to do list).
If all goes well I will leave lab before midnight and then be wildly excited for my training as an RAA tomorrow. I'll get to see so many good friends again and go bowling in hot shoes.

oh and the prank- we dismantled Peter's precious airconditioner and snuck into the underlying courtyard with it. you may not think this is so funny but...imagine..peter looks out his window (well first freaks out because he thought someone stole it and he'll now have to experience humidity) and sees his airconditioner lying four stories below 1. unharmed 2. lying an unbelievable 50 ft. away from the bottom of his window HAHAHA. ellis and aline watched guard over the ac but i was to capture peter's reaction on ellis' digital camera. the audio is great. all you can hear is me laughing and going "gosh, i think it just fell out" and peter yelling out the window "ellis, you bastard". good times.

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