Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Enjoying wrapping up lab (ah the satisfaction of writing a report!) and staying in lab for 12 hours. I've decided I prefer biology related labwork to hard core chemistry stuff. I like nuturing my cells, they make me happy in a bizarre way. I don't feel anyway as close to my glass instruments. This has nothing to do with the numerous expensive glassware I have broken upon entering lab- they should have klutz screening. :(

After leaving lab around 10 pm tonight I went to Technopoly in Technicolor, an event alot of my friends have been slaving their lives to. It was fun being a freshman again and cheered my late night lab blues. The night was filled with delicious blue waffles, a spinach eating contest, crazy moves at the dance party to freak out froshes, and meeting up with lots of friends, both upperclassmen and freshmen alike.

Tomorrow's 3W wing rush, I just can't wait. Plus, I get to meet my advisees in the afternoon. Sweetness. Being a mentor just gives me such a rush.

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