Sunday, August 28, 2005

A busy past 3 days:

Thursday- RAA training day one, lots of talking about freshmen issues punctuated by meal breaks with incredible food like foccacia bread sandwiches and amazing cookies. Cookies period would be good enough :). After a day of training we went to do some serious bonding, bowling and pizza. I was on a team with Aarti and Min and then we challenged the sucky team to a competition. I enjoy friendly competition, but I enjoy calling other people mean childish names even more. Unfortunately, they ended up being somewhat decent after a ridiculous bout of luck and Bashi, Dayan, Aparna, and Anna ended up beating us. By a meager, meager amount.

Friday- more RAA training (training is actually alot of just like brainstorming and learning things more indepth that I'm sure I kinda knew before anyways). But I found out I was an ENFJ through the MBTI test. Extrovert, Intuition, Feeling, Judging- interpret as you like! Later that night we crashed some freshmen events, yay.

Saturday- Woke up late for lab which was a bad start to a bad day. My cells got fried, protein exploded and got all over my face, and then I stripped an important screw. haha. I got out of lab at 8pm then played cranium at the Next House game night. I feel like I'm a master at Creative Cat- challenge me sometime I'll take you on.
New House pancakes-Baker House Fiesta->exhausted. But this frosh/orientation vibe is giving me the a good way :), can't wait til things go on the swing for orientation kick off tomorrow.

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