Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Enjoying wrapping up lab (ah the satisfaction of writing a report!) and staying in lab for 12 hours. I've decided I prefer biology related labwork to hard core chemistry stuff. I like nuturing my cells, they make me happy in a bizarre way. I don't feel anyway as close to my glass instruments. This has nothing to do with the numerous expensive glassware I have broken upon entering lab- they should have klutz screening. :(

After leaving lab around 10 pm tonight I went to Technopoly in Technicolor, an event alot of my friends have been slaving their lives to. It was fun being a freshman again and cheered my late night lab blues. The night was filled with delicious blue waffles, a spinach eating contest, crazy moves at the dance party to freak out froshes, and meeting up with lots of friends, both upperclassmen and freshmen alike.

Tomorrow's 3W wing rush, I just can't wait. Plus, I get to meet my advisees in the afternoon. Sweetness. Being a mentor just gives me such a rush.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

A busy past 3 days:

Thursday- RAA training day one, lots of talking about freshmen issues punctuated by meal breaks with incredible food like foccacia bread sandwiches and amazing cookies. Cookies period would be good enough :). After a day of training we went to do some serious bonding, bowling and pizza. I was on a team with Aarti and Min and then we challenged the sucky team to a competition. I enjoy friendly competition, but I enjoy calling other people mean childish names even more. Unfortunately, they ended up being somewhat decent after a ridiculous bout of luck and Bashi, Dayan, Aparna, and Anna ended up beating us. By a meager, meager amount.

Friday- more RAA training (training is actually alot of just like brainstorming and learning things more indepth that I'm sure I kinda knew before anyways). But I found out I was an ENFJ through the MBTI test. Extrovert, Intuition, Feeling, Judging- interpret as you like! Later that night we crashed some freshmen events, yay.

Saturday- Woke up late for lab which was a bad start to a bad day. My cells got fried, protein exploded and got all over my face, and then I stripped an important screw. haha. I got out of lab at 8pm then played cranium at the Next House game night. I feel like I'm a master at Creative Cat- challenge me sometime I'll take you on.
New House pancakes-Baker House Fiesta->exhausted. But this frosh/orientation vibe is giving me the a good way :), can't wait til things go on the swing for orientation kick off tomorrow.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Lab is the source of my greatest "angst" (as my supervisor would say). Imagine a 4 hour experiment...going wrong 15 times. Yeah, it's enough to drive me crazy and I'm writing this waiting on trial 16. Why may you ask? Because I'm being childish and saying to no one in particular "I"M NOT LEAVING LAB UNTIL I GET 3 GOOD RUNS". I say that in a kind of voice you do to annoy people and to get attention and food. I was very good at it when I was younger. However, when I realize that I'm a 19 yr old whiner and screwing myself over with my goal, it's sad. Note: it is 9 pm.
In my spare time during the experiment I have befriended the vending machines downstairs, and in particular the ice cream one (dun dun dun). I have tried a great variety of them but my favorites are the big dipper and the all fruit popsicle :). As a classic MA girl, I like everything cold. If you're in lab around Building 18 call me and we can have a popsicle break together (so I can check off "gain 20 lbs" from my summer to do list).
If all goes well I will leave lab before midnight and then be wildly excited for my training as an RAA tomorrow. I'll get to see so many good friends again and go bowling in hot shoes.

oh and the prank- we dismantled Peter's precious airconditioner and snuck into the underlying courtyard with it. you may not think this is so funny but...imagine..peter looks out his window (well first freaks out because he thought someone stole it and he'll now have to experience humidity) and sees his airconditioner lying four stories below 1. unharmed 2. lying an unbelievable 50 ft. away from the bottom of his window HAHAHA. ellis and aline watched guard over the ac but i was to capture peter's reaction on ellis' digital camera. the audio is great. all you can hear is me laughing and going "gosh, i think it just fell out" and peter yelling out the window "ellis, you bastard". good times.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

kai and the lobsters! awww. Posted by Picasa
wicked fun in the produce section (kelmsford). Posted by Picasa
The wisdom teeth removal went altogether really well and I'm recovering from the after effects of the lovely drugs. I even ate potatoe chips today (yum, but ow).
Things are picking up and getting laid back all at once and its making my laziness/motivation drive go amok. Lab is toning down, other than the fact that I have very few results and I'll have to hand in my summer report soon. I had my last tutoring session with MIT ACCESS for the summer, and it was good to laugh, eat thai food :), and feel wise by giving all our students parting college advice. In terms of things picking up, lots of freshman have moved in and as much as I thought I would hate change...I'm growing to like having a noisy lounge nearby and people saying hi as that pass. To all- come visit long and often!

And Ellis arrived today which made things fun! We (Ellis, Aline, and I) played a prank on Peter, and I thought it was brilliant (though I giggled through a good bit of it). It involved a "fallen" airconditioner.... and I will say more on that later. MUA HAHAHHAA, I LOVE BEING EVIL.

Friday, August 19, 2005

So I'm officially moved back into good ole room 314 (breathes deep sigh of relief). It's such a beautiful beautiful room, I can see the lovely charles, and I bunked the beds so it's infinetly sweeter than before..wahahaa. And it's very empty without my other half (ms. erin koksal) and so if anyone ever needs to stay over..please keep me company!
and I'm loving the kids in third west already- not to mention some interesting neighbors ;)...

-but as of now I'm back in Chelmsford. Hung out with buddies right when I got back thanks to my kaaaa and had some weird fun in a grocery store. Am now waiting anxiously to have my last two wisdom teeth removed tomorrow morning at 11:30 yayyyyyyyyy. Please come feed me one of these things (sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, soup, popsicles, icecream, water, juice, yeah it needs to be soft mushy or liquid :)).

I CAN'T WAIT FOR ORIENTATION, RAA STUFF, RUSH AHHHH - just had to get that out of my system wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sunday, August 14, 2005

what a weekend!

It began with Bashi's surprise birthday party on Friday night. Nadia and Aparna had labored for weeks to make sure it went on without a hitch..but you know how surprises go. lol. So, Nadia and I asked Bashi to come check out the plot of land on the Esplanade we had all cleaned up during CityDays (oreintation freshman year) as a premise for making sure he didn't do anything that night. We convinced him that without his amazing eagle scout skills we definetly couldn't find the plot of land. hee hee. We walk there and it was very's amazing to think I've known both of them so long and it all began there pretty much! After we view the river bank, I'm like "what's that noise? we should check it out", that noise being Sponge Bob Square Pants playing at the Hatchshell's Friday Night Flicks *cringe*. Little known to naive, silly Bashi, the whole gang from Next had staked out a prime spot and laid out a picnic for him. He was surprised and it was good and sponge bob is not a bad film. :) and I got Bashi the best book ever, you all should read it, it's about bunny suicides. (I will post pictures from all this soon)

And then from 1-3 a.m. Nadia and I began packing for the Next House move. It was a great time, as in who couldn't have fun in like 90 degree night time lifting objects the weight of small people. I could have never believed my life fit in so few boxes. Altho very big, heavy boxes mind you! Note: NEVER EVER BUY DUCTTAPE FROM LA VERDE'S.

And then Saturday afternoon I realized I have the most amazing friends ever. Thank you to Bashi, Hayman, Nadia, and Amrita for all showing up and moving my stuff/ wrenching things out of my hands so they could carry them (SILLY boys). It was done in about 3 trips and they even raced part of the way (with my fridge, eek!). Unfortunatey it was like the hottest day of the year, but it's overrrr and my new address is:
Bike Lounge, 3W
hahahaaa. the housing situation is very sketchy right now.

peter's coming back on thursday ah!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

classic third west....these are random pictures of my beloved wing during Mystery Hunt (past winter)

Me: Nadia! We're moving back to Next House in a couple of days!

Nadia: I'll be so happy I'm going to cry the first night.

-for those who want to help us lug our fridges back...the move will be on Saturday morning ;). Or you can throw us a welcome back party,

Goodbyeeee No.6 (no, it is not a room number, it is this international students' fraternity that Nadia and I thought would be a good deal for the summer. little did we know we would encounter dead animals in garbage cans) Helloooo Next House.

Rm 314, This year is going to be great, I can already feel it in my bonessss.


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

So It stinks when your nose gets itchy and you've just stuck your hands in the wetbox for a 15 minute experiment. Very irritating. But very amusing if you're watching me. Overall it was a very, very vexxing day at lab. Kinda like running in to a brick wall over and over again. Painful and monotonous. hahaha I do love my lab but not when the chemicals aren't cooperating.

So last night Amrita came and slept over me and Nadia's room. Nadia wanted to check out this bubble tea place across the river for orientation sponsoring, so we took saferide. I love those drinks and they had such a cute slogan, "tea with balls". We walked back across the bridge as a tough group of three girls and glared at any sketchy looking men. Then we met some of Amrita's EC friends. Covered with amazing works of art and filled with quirky furniture, EC really appealed to me (guess what color I'd paint my room ;)). A bathroom we walked into was completely filled with blacklight and flourescent paint, the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. Nadia and I acted like little kids at Disney World. But for now, we're still devoted to Next and EC is just a fun place to visit.
And then...we had pillowfights in our underwear.

JK JK JK, hahahaaa. We talked about boys *giggle* hahaaaaa.

Monday, August 08, 2005

So summer is a month away from ending and you may be asking what have I been doing all this time? Why hasn't she been terrozing Chelmsford? Why does she just mysteriously elude me on campus? well here's an update-

So I began my UROP (Undergraduate Research Oppurtunity) for the summer in the Chemistry department (yeah I'm course 7, it beats me) here at MIT four days after finals ended. And having spent my spring break training in FL with the crew team (<3) and my winter break taking EMT finals and worshiping the rowing machine, my brain was total mush going into the research. Yes I want pity. hahahaa

I pretty much choose my lab because I knew I'd have an awesome supervisor and well, the lab was pretty. And I like to work in pretty places, with large expansive glass windows and cleanliness and no sketchy moldy chemicals. I am such a girl, but no my favorite color is not pink, yet.

I work in a pretty big lab, there are at least 7 other UROPS and a good amount of grad students and post docs, basically the smartest chemistry people I've ever met. So I'm happy adjusting to lab life, expecting it may be dull, monotonous, no fun. But a few weeks in I discover that grad students are very amiable people, actually erratic hilarious people that almost make me want to be one...ALMOST.

So it begins with the nicknames. There's all this stuff going on with -Izzle. It's like "hey, E-Fizzle, will you pass me the catechol 2,3 dioxygase?" Everyone has a name that like ends in -Izzle; I especially like it when the really studious asian grad students use the terminology. Then I start silently doubling over while pouring liquid nitrogen and you know that just can't be good. Additionally, there's this obsession with 50 cent that seems prevalent in my bay (I was like "what is this music?!?"). Oh and they like reggae too. But I'd have to say the icing on the cake was when my supervisor a really serious, upstanding guy from Trinidad was in the middle of explaining to me how to do a steady state activity assay when he took a sudden detour and drove a wrench into another guy's butt and ran off giggling. I nearly fell over laughing. Good times.

But yeah, most of the time all the chemistry is above and beyond my head and I feel utterly inept. Which in retrospect is a great way to sum up my feeling about freshman year. Oh but don't worry, I'll get my act together and pull off something amazing for my Summer Report, then you can all read it and be like "wow, what does that even mean?" and I can be like "wow, what DOES that even mean?".

But besides working alot of hours in lab, I'm tutoring underpriveledged kids in the Verbal/Writing SATs every monday for MIT ACCESS. Yeah, all the MIT kids only wanted to tutor the Math, pshh that! Verbal rocks. I've decided I really like the people who do it and just tutoring in general. You have to really care about what you do and want to do it, it's nice to talk to people like that. And we discuss things why the chapter labeled "The Big One" in "Me Talk Pretty One Day" is one of the finest pieces of literature like ever.

other noteworthy things I've done this summer:
1. Taken bhangra lessons during the month of June, and thus have now acquired a desire to be an honorary Indian. Please?
2. Learned how to scull. Not very well by any means. It was 5:30 am on a Friday morning, cloudy sky, a little chilly, mist on the water and utterly beautiful. Then I put my hands on the oars and everything went wrong. Not as in capsizing, but as in I've discovered that my left hand is kind of dominant, leading me to row and a circular path. Just kidding, it's not THAT bad. However, my coach Irene did yell at me from the launch encouraging believable advice like.."You'll be ready for the Olympics in no time, champ!"
3. Had Dim Sum, Dinner at the North End, Dinner off Newbury Street, and yes gone back to Taiwan for 2 weeks.
Wow, that was alot of writing but I have alot to get out of my system and it's late at night and I'm bored. Yes, you guessed it, I'm in Chelmsford. heehee. But I will update more often. I hope.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

a good day

i thought i'd give blogging a try.
here goes!